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Welcome to Southland's own Jazz website. The original website was Jazmataz, this, our second morph, is called Jazzmataz.  To hear the latest gossip and local jazz news check our News and Calendar pages.

The current loose federation of players and listeners, which we could call a club, began in 2003.  We have performed at a number of venues on a regular basis over the years. Here's a summary of our history since 2003. 

Since February 2003 we've had over 100 monthly jazz club sessions at five venues (Tillermans, Kiwi Legends, Cactus Jack's, Sopranos and the Paddington Arms).  The format has changed slightly over the years - early on bands were booked to play, then the evenings evolved to jam sessions.  Now we play in various line-ups under different names at a range of venues.  Overall about 40 musicians have been involved, in addition to those of the Crazy Rhythm Big Band and the Verdon College Jazz Band.  From May 2009 until the end of 2013 we also had around 200 performances on Friday evenings at EAT on Windsor.  Just about every jazz muso in Invercargill got to play there and a few others not normally associated with jazz.  A number of groups made their debut at EAT and it was a proving ground for many. The Friday evening sessions continue in the Emberz Bar at the Ascot.

Other jazz also takes place locally:  There were a number of concerts and gigs at the 2009 Arts' Festival and most years since then.  Various individuals and groups play their own gigs around the province. There are the regular Invercargill City Big Band (aka Crazy Rhythm) concerts and practices, occasional concerts held at the Civic, Centre Stage and elsewhere and in the past jazz was included at the Summer Festival.  The Blues Club, at least until recently, also occasionally featured jazz.

There is the JazzSouth newsletter, originally put out by Christine Hainstock, now by me, which has regressed to an information only format via email.  If you'd like to receive the newsletter just leave a message on the website or contact me at russlyn@xtra.co.nz and you'll be added to the mailing list.             

Many thanks to Lynley Dear for her many atmospheric photographs, also thanks to Bruce Chilton for photos of The Crazy Rhythm Big Band and Southern Dixie and Lesley Treweek for ones from the Hospice Charity Concert.

If you'd like to book a jazz band for any occasion, whether you'd like cool or hot, mellow or sophisticated you can phone me, Russ Dear, at 03 213 0058 and I'll be able to pass you on to someone who can help.

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Jazz News 


 Jazz at the Ascot is not back!!


Despite what the punters said last year (see below) the management of the Ascot has decided to  discontinue with jazz.  This coincides with a swag of jazz performers switching to other genres or leaving town so we would be hard put to conjure up any jazz to play on a regular basis.  We have to hope this situation is just temporary.  


We've now had nine months jazz at the Ascot and feedback has been tremendous. Here are some of the comments: 'It helps make a lovely atmosphere', 'At last we have a sophisticated venue with sophisticated music to enjoy in Invercargill', 'Lots of fun', 'It's like a New York night club', 'Superb music', 'All the bands are fantastic', 'What a great combination - great bar and great music,' 'Some (of the bands) have built up quite a following', 'Invercargill needs something like jazz at the Ascot, rock’n roll and head bashers abound but there’s very little subtle, easy-listening music about’, 'Perfect music and perfect venue for relaxing after a hard week's work.'


Reg Alteo continues his web notes (and chat page about jazz) on this site .... read on!


Earlier I wrote ....

           .... there's jazz at Louie's on the last Friday of each month 

However, Pania has left town and the music, for the time being at least, has folded.  We'll keep you posted.


You can still hear other occasional jazz at Zookeepers on Tay Street. It's an Open Mike night fortnightly on Thursday evenings from 7.30 (phone them to synchronise weeks).  


Music at Mecca (on Tay Street) on Friday evenings has also stopped.  It was less about jazz and more about the odd jazz tune by people who can play it; people like Kipu, Saelyn Guyton and Jason Schmidt.  Jason also plays at The Auction House occasionally but better check on the venue for timings.



Bands that have played at the club (various venues) since 2003 have included:

  • Alastair Monteath with In Walked Bud
  • The Ashley Windsor Trio
  • BiCultural
  • Boots Blues
  • Clare and Kiri
  • The Crazy Rhythm Big Band (aka The Invercargill City Big Band)
  • Get Some Jazz In Ya!
  • The Hot Club of Southland
  • Jazzical
  • Jazz is Blues
  • King's Swingers (aka The Kingsmen)
  • Kipu and Friends
  • Les Chapeaux
  • Make Mine A Double
  • Ménage à Trois
  • The Monteath-Garrett Quintet
  • The Paddington Playboys
  • Resin 8
  • Rose 'n Thorns
  • The Ross Ogilvy Trio
  • Rusdikbil
  • The Russell Davidson All-Stars
  • The Russell Davidson Quintet
  • Saelyn and Harry
  • Surprise Package
  • Take the A Train
  • Tatt's Jazz
  • The Verdon College Jazz band
  • Windjammers

  A few solo artists have also performed:

  • Alastair Monteath
  • Ashley Windsor
  • Joe Setefano
  • Judith Smeaton
  • Luke Hurley
  • Russ Dear
  • Veronica McCarrison
  • Wynton Lawson
  • Terrence O'Brien
  • Daniel Monteath
  • Simon G.
  • Kipu
  • Graeme Woller